Burning ★★★★½

Such an exquisite piece of filmmaking. Measured and restrained to perfection, a true masterclass in building tension by Chang-dong. Central performances are all amazing but Steven Yeun steals the show, he’s otherworldly in this. Gorgeously shot; Kyung-pyo uses sunsets so well, there’s a gorgeous dance sequence in here that’s probably my favourite thing I’ve seen all year, and the final shot has stuck with me since I walked out of the theatre... Stunning. Amongst all of the brilliance though I have to say Mowg’s score is the best part of this whole thing, I’ve never been so entranced and freaked out by something as much as this and the way he builds suspense is off the charts - have you ever listened to something and felt like you were being stalked just like the person on the screen is? you will while watching this. Enough rambling though, go out and experience this yourselves and afterwards help me start a petition for Yeun to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

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