Captain Marvel ★★½

A masterclass in dull filmmaking. What starts off with a touching tribute to Stan Lee quickly turns into the most uninspiring, lifeless blockbuster since... well, since Marvel’s last film. Larson plays herself, Jackson plays himself, and Mendelsohn? You guessed it, plays himself. It’s bewildering to me that Feige is capable of giving us vibrant, wholehearted films like Black Panther, RagnarokInfinity War & Guardians of the Galaxy yet in the same breath hires bland directors like Jon Watts, Fleck & Boden and Peyton Reed to helm such spirited characters. There’s flashes of brilliance in here like the discovery of ones true power and the rediscovery of family, but it’s just not enough to save it from the countless slip-ups, bog standard action sequences and boring formula it’s studio has gotten so used to using. Avengers: Endgame, over to you.

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