If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk ★★★★

Lost love or the beginning of something more? Barry Jenkins’ latest masterclass is a beautiful and poignant look at the struggle of which many black people were forced to, and continue to face. Powerful from the get go and never fully allowing you to feel a sense of happiness throughout, it’s a testament to everything wrong with this world and it’s preferential justice system. Regina King & KiKi Layne are stunning throughout, Britell’s score transcends all feelings available to us as humans and Jenkins was absolutely robbed of Directing honours - that man is one of finest filmmakers Hollywood has to offer at the moment and I’ll be damned to see his talent go unnoticed. Is it possible to give someone a lifetime achievement award on the back of three films? Because we should make an exception for Barry. This is the truest definition of watching a master at work.

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