Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

I have so many emotions running around inside me right now and I'm going to attempt to type this all out as best i can so please bear with me for a moment. i had the pleasure of watching this with my best friend and let me tell you, from about 20 minutes in and onwards i was a complete and utter mess... i think i could've filled up the amazon river with the amount of tears i produced. i felt every. single. word. that was spoken, i felt the sadness, and most of all i felt the happiness. I'm eighteen and i will admit i haven't experienced the partying, i haven't experienced the sex, hell, i haven't even experienced love... but the friendship factor throughout this whole film really struck a chord with me, whether that be lady bird's relationship with jules or the relationship with her mother, i fucking felt it on the deepest level imaginable and it's something i haven't felt since my favourite film of all time the perks of being a wallflower released, its an indescribable feeling that i won't delve into but it's incredibly special to say the absolute least. gerwig's direction is outstanding and my love for her grows more and more each passing day, this is probably the best paced movie I've *ever* seen, and ahhhhhhh i could gush about the performances for hours on end but i think we are all in agreeance that saoirse, laurie and tracy all deserve an oscar nom, right? i mean, just for the airport scene alone i think laurie wins by default, that hit me like a fucking truck. so yeah, if you couldn't tell already i adore this film and i can't wait to watch it every single night for the rest of my life. special shoutout to issy for being there to watch it with me, it was already amazing, but you made it perfect.

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