Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

Ahhh yes, after 9 long years something has finally eclipsed Iron Man as the best film in the MCU.

Thor: Ragnarok is MY type of film from Start to Finish, Taika really fires on all cylinders here and proves once again he has the best comedic timing in the business.

Performances are really good across the board, Hemsworth reinstates his title of The Best Chris (always has been), Ruffalo gives us the best version of Hulk ever put to screen, Hiddleston as the mischievous Loki is simply fantastic yet again, Tessa Thompson is surprisingly really great and i hope to see more of Val in the future, and Mr. Taika steals the show as Korg. However, Blanchett, while good, left a little to be desired as Hela in my opinion but maybe i just expected too much.

Cons are the usual MCU stuff, CGI is inconsistent, the story is a little busy at times, the villain is disappointing and the score is very very stale.

Genuinely loved every moment of this, as did everyone in my showing who erupted into applause in what felt like every 5 minutes. Cameos are A+++++ too. All Hail Taika Waititi!

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