• Black Mirror: Mazey Day

    Black Mirror: Mazey Day


    the writers really all sat down together and collectively forgot what the whole point of black mirror is. insane.

  • American Made

    American Made


    This movie is actually so good?? you guys are sleeping on it

  • Saw



    Absolutely adore how the editing in this goes from nice and composed to cracked out trash metal jump cuts and people going off the rails, no idea what James Wan was cooking up in the studio but it absolutely works

  • Missing



    I was watching this on putlocker and for a good 5 minutes there I thought the porn pop up on my screen was apart of the movie

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    True fact: Sam L. Jackson carries this thing on his back

  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith


    screenplay was definitely written by a 6 year old on cocaine but in the best way possible

  • Deliver Us from Evil

    Deliver Us from Evil


    It’s all fun and games until “based on a true story” pops up at the end of the most fucked up shit you’ve ever seen

  • The Fabelmans

    The Fabelmans


    Spielberg finally making a great movie after 20 years of mediocrity??? Credit where credit is due, I loved this.

  • Barbarian



    Showing this to someone for the first time is an even better experience than watching it yourself for the first time 😭😭

  • You People

    You People


    one of the worst rom coms to come out lately but the transition from childish gambino to h.e.r in the soundtrack was crack to my ears.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Still incredible.

  • 17 Again

    17 Again


    Friend 1: Don't Do It
    Friend 2: You Better Not
    Friend 3: Jack, Sit Down

    Me: Before you go through this, I want to remind you of September 7th, 1988. It was the first time that I saw you. You were reading Less Than Zero, and you were wearing a Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt. I'd never seen anything so perfect. I remember thinking that I had to have you or I'd die... then you whispered that you loved me at…