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This review may contain spoilers.

OMFG. This movie is absolutely phenomenal. Like seriously, I walked out of the theatre with joy. Before I carry on with this review I just want you to know this is a spoiler review. I know I'll click the "contains sm that base and the FANTASTIC confrontation between Kylo and Luke.
poilers" button on Letterboxd so you won't see it unless you click "are you sure" but still to all the rebels out there. Don't be angry when you see spoilers ok.

Anyways I have to start talking about THAT 3rd act. It was beautiful. One of the best 3rd acts I've seen in any movie ever. The Throne Room Scene (Might have been at the end of Act 2 but imma include it anyway), the First Order attack on the Rebel base, The Rebel escape fro
Let's talk about that throne room scene. That was brilliant. It made total sense that Kylo would be the one to kill Snoke and like that. At the end of the day, when it comes to the dark side and The First Order, this is Kylo's story, not Snoke's, so it didn't surprise me that he died in this. I noticed the colour palette in his room as well was all red and in gives a visual representation of the path Kylo is on. Back to the action, yeah I adored everything about this scene. The dramatic irony of Snoke's speech right before Kylo kills him was great (I also got a Darth Vader vibe from him when he did all that which was great) and the fight between the Preatorian guards and Kylo and Rey was awesome to see. Also interesting to see that it's not about Kylo turning back to the light side but it's about him being his own thing which is exactly what Anakin wanted in Revenge of the Sith and in general before his limbs were chopped up to bits and had to rely on Sidious to patch him up and was in no condition to kill Sidious. I also like that Rey didn't turn to the dark side as well because that's just a stupid idea and the whole Reylo thing was basically shat on by Rian Johnson which was nice to see.

I was also surprised by Poe Dameron in this movie. I didn't really get a grip of his character in The Force Awakens and didn't understand any buzz around him but he had his character well and truly fleshed out in this movie. He's the Resistance's best pilot, he's a risk taker and once he has an idea or a set way of thinking, he will stick to it and that attitude got most of the Resistance killed in the first scene of the movie which was great to see. It also nearly got more killed by the end of it but he was knocked out by Leia. I liked his character and look forward to seeing more of him in Episode XI. I really liked Finn in The Force Awakens but he didn't really have much to do in the story. Well he did, but it wasn't as interesting as any of the other stories going on which was a shame because I do really like Finn (the subplot with him and Rose getting the hacker was ok but in terms of every other subplot going on it was weak in comparison). Rose was a fresh, interesting addition to the Star Wars Universe and really enjoyed her inclusion. Also Captain Phasma got done dirty again. One of the weak points of the movie, that's the second time it's happened to her but she's dead now so it won't happen any more times I guess.....?

Rey's parents being absolutely nobodies and her being an absolute nobody was genius as well. I'm glad they went for that. I was genuinely surprised that they were nobodies but I'm glad they are.

The best thing in the movie hands down though has to be the relationship between Kylo and Luke. The flashbacks scenes to that night the temple burned was great and the whole story surrounding it was perfect. Luke being scared of Kylo after seeing him already lost to the Dark Side (Snoke as well) and thinking the best possible way to deal with the problem is by killing him works so well with his character because from A New Hope (or Star Wars 1977 if you want to get pretentious about it) you can see that Luke is impatient and that's a character trait that he struggles with (especially in Empire Strikes Back) so to see that impatience kind of led to the downfall of his own nephew by his hands makes total sense. I liked how he figured out what he was doing was wrong and was stepping into the Dark Side which must've been a call back to Return of the Jedi for sure. And Kylo waking up to see Luke's lightsaber already ignited (even though we know that Luke was regretting it at this point) which sent him over to the dark side was utter genius.

Their confrontation at the end though was fantastic. Everything that had been build up from those flashbacks and from The Force Awakens culminated right there and then. Kylo let out his frustration and anger from everything that had happened right there and it was great. When Luke uttered the line (I think from memory), "Strike me down with your anger and I will become more powerful than you could imagine" (or something like that) (the real line was "strike me down with your anger and I will be with you forever, just like your father") sent goosebumps down my arm and it was a nice callback to Obi Wan's lines long ago.

Other things I liked about The Last Jedi were things like the Yoda scene, I thought that was cool and I liked how he was the one to destroy the first ever (and last) Jedi Temple with all the ancient books in it. I loved the score. OMFG the score. I recognised Rey's theme in the movie, Kylo Ren's theme, Snoke's theme and more importantly, the Binary Sunset theme which probably made the whole Kylo/Luke confrontation scene at the end that much better. The scene with R2 seeing Luke for the first time in a while and him playing the old "Help me Obi-Wan" message from A New Hope was glorious to see! I also loved seeing Carrie Fisher for the last time. I didn't have a good audience (for my first watch) so no one stayed or cared about the "In memory of our Princess Carrie Fisher" line in the credits but I did. Everytime she was on screen I felt emotional and even at the end I felt emotional. RIP Carrie. You did good in The Last Jedi <3

Also, it's sad that the 3 main characters in the original trilogy are all dead in story (Leia didn't get killed off in this movie but because of obvious circumstances she will be). No Han Solo. No Princess/General Leia. And no Luke Skywalker. But in a way I'm glad, this movie just made me even more excited for Episode XI and with characters like Kylo Ren, Rey, Poe, Finn and Rose at the helm, (especially with Supreme Leader Kylo in a Darth Vader role and Rey being the Last Jedi with more younglings to be jedi and a whole galaxy of people supporting the Resistance) this film should be a blast!

This film was amazing. Such a fresh and interesting take on Star Wars by Rian Johnson which I loved. Well done to him, the cinematographer Steve Yedlin because the visuals in this were amazing and to all of the LucasFilm team. This was beautiful. Really. 10/10

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