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  • Mars Attacks!

    Mars Attacks!


    ...walking out of a sneak preview a week before release:
    “Movie of the YEAR! ID4 ain’t got nothing on THIS!”

    And we all know how that went.

    Regardless, I love Burton playing with an all-star row of boxes on the poster cast, huge set pieces (Pre-CG explosions and chopper brigades!) and an Irwin Allen meets Z-movie Sci-Fi smirk the whole time.
    The cast, especially Nicholson, seem to be having a blast while likely enjoying all the agent-negotiated perks. The deliberately lo-fi FX still look great. 
    Always a blast to revisit.

  • Host



    I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since his short SALT and this TechnoHorror nightmare is short and wicked effective, especially playing off the cultures current use of Zoom and it’s features...the last 20 is pleasurably punishing. LOVE how it uses Zoom Rules and the credits are a hoot. 
    Probably plays even better on a laptop too.

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  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Glad you fuckers finally realized Samara Weaving is a Fucking MOVIE STAR.

  • X2



    A superior sequel to the original and clearly Singer, more confident here, was unleashing broader stylistic strokes (ahem) his wide lens close-up fetish (ahem ahem) he’s used since (especially in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY). 
    Next to FIRST CLASS, this is possibly the best of the X-MEN series, with rich character beats, MUCH better action (re: less trendy wire-fu) and a denser, more resonant story that played our expectations perfectly and gave these comic book heroes real depth before the MCU perfected the model.