Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

Brilliant, complex, juvenile, off-beat, kinetic…so many words can describe Daniels over-stuffed multiverse mania.
Even more than SWISS ARMY MAN, if you know their music video and commercial work it’s as Daniels as it gets, for better and maybe a little worse in the second half.
Kinda lost me a little after the first fantastic, breathless hour but might be more warm to it upon subsequent viewings now that I tried to wrap my head around it once. 
The cast is absolutely fantastic, not a false note even through the farcical moments. 
Loved how they shot the real world in IMAX and some scenes in 2:35:1.
THE MATRIX meets BEING JOHN MALKOVICH is the closest I can compare but this film is ultimately incomparable and the audience in my theater seemed totally engrossed, especially the first half. 
Maybe the most “movie” movie of the last few years, love or hate it’s quite an achievement and kinda one of a kind.

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