Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★½

Sad to say this one has not aged well for me.
What made the first SCREAM special was it felt like Wes, licking his wounds from VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN, found a new lease on his creativity thanks to a crackling, clever script and you can feel it’s vitality from start to finish. 
This rushed out sequel (it came out a year to the day that the original premiered in ‘96) feels like it knows we know it’s “clever” so the plotting and staging is lazy and convenient (hey look! Everyone pretty much shows up again! Why?!? Because “we” want them back!) and while it seems more like a satire on itself than another comment on slasher and horror movies, to me it feels like Wes and co. are coasting a little, almost like a victory lap (or a total “one for Harvey & Bob” to help mount that Meryl Streep passion project.) 
Again, doesn’t help that the script felt like it was banged out over Christmas break when the first film became a hit. 
Then again…it’s also a pretty solid drinking game movie when there’s a hurricane!