Booksmart ★★★

quite funny, great performances, found the writing here kinda strained tho. genuinely admire the gender subversions but there's a shaggy lived-in awkwardness and detail to Superbad that this replaces with a bizarre meritocracy fantasy that i found kind of alien. big fan of teens discovering the complexity of peoples lives around them (a huge reason i latched onto Edge of Seventeen so much) but there's very little conflict to mine from that idea when your movie universe somehow gets every single kid into an ivy league school/silicon valley job and, as brody already wrote about, things like complications with family, drugs or poverty don't exist. (brody's point about how "characters seem incapable of experiencing any strong, lasting, painful emotions at all" is spot on.) the leads are both really funny and endearing however and this lack of real-world stakes/school experience probably wouldn't have bothered me as much if this didn't simultaneously do that narrow, unaware upper-class white feminism thing of wearing civil rights figures and Free Palestine as decoration. idk! still funny and cute! just found this class thread kind of distracting even when the jokes were working. or maybe im just a misogynist. up in the air.