Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★

experienced this today how it was meant to be seen: on 35mm film, guy beside me intermittently on his phone, occasionally laughing like he’s at a new bev midnight screening, eventually snoring through the last 20 minutes. anyway i'm going to have to give this another go because i was a little distracted and also had no idea what i was getting into when i watched so the flip from a more conventional, almost Before Sunrise style walk-and-talk tourism romance (which i was not prepared for) to the more challenging blend of reality and fiction i've come to expect of kiarostami was a slightly disorienting experience. which might very well be part of the point.

however once i figured out what i was in for in the back half, where characters appear to experience decades of history and art and emotions in a cinematic form of microcosmic, real-time role-playing, i found this very philosophically engaging and the performances so rich that in less than 2 hours the film ultimately was as moving as experiencing an entire marriage from the wedding day celebrations to those final, wrinkly, god-fearing moments together. these simulated emotions themselves a testament to the film's idea that a 2nd-hand forgery of something real can still be felt with the right twists of perception.