Eternals ★★

Sort of respect the attempt made here to buck the tone, structure, and look of these movies but this ultimately stands as a testament to what an obvious fool's errand that is. It doesn't matter that you're working with material that has real, philosophical ideas, or that you've seen Terrence Malick movies or 2001: A Space Odyssey, or that for the first time in these movie's history you shot on real locations with natural lighting, framing, and scale. All the gestures towards Art and Emotion are there but regardless of what you want to make the end result is still a bunch of expository zone-out nothingness and pre-vis'd-to-death CG "action" sequences that have almost nothing to do with the scenes where characters stand around and talk.

The Marvel machine has been self-sustaining for a while now. Everyone knows what it is and what it does. What's the use in pretending it's something it's not? The obvious answer is: "Well, Kevin Feige wants an Oscar." Good luck to him I guess. Can't imagine they'll be going the route of "diverse, existential sci-fi drama" by an Oscar winner again seeing as how it backfired and they've already pivoted to championing the fan-service nostalgia roller coaster directed by nobody as their actual, intended Best Picture contender.

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