Her Smell ★★★

"im not just here to watch becky inflict pain on others."

expertly calibrated camera, editing and sound design that locks you into the psychological orbit of an abuser. love the concept of the structure, skipping past the rise and documenting only the fall in claustrophobic, real-time vignettes that echo the very real experience of watching someone you love hit rock bottom. moss is a force and there are some genuinely great supporting performances on the periphery (eric stoltz especially), but i couldn't help but feel like the way this (and moss' performance imo) spends so long making a show out of becky reveals very little psychological interest in her and her addiction beyond (extremely dewey cox voice): goddamnit, this is a dark fucking period!! the final regret and redemption chapters are conceptually sound and ambitious, just found how they communicate with the other chapters—where becky is functionally just the hurricane everyone tries to survive—strangely simplistic.