Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★

everything about how this has been self-consciously stylized makes it far too cute and polished to enter the ugly and surreal realm that a movie like this needs to get to, it feels like a little boy playing dress-up polanski/argento, and im sorry if this is insensitive but these movies had a certain kind of unsettlingly raw, dirty power to them when made by the legitimate perverts of their era. in 2021 there's nothing here but shallow image recreation (and not even very good recreation at that, the 60s stuff even looks plastic with his goddamn whip pan cutting) and Male Feminist apologia for trafficking in those problematic images. misogyny existed in the 60s? nostalgia is bad? thank you edgar. not a total failure (i will admit to being intrigued by the first 45 minutes or so, mostly due to the lead performances) but by the end the whole thing is pretty embarrassing and incoherent and worst of all not remotely scary. between this and Baby Driver it's become quite obvious that the dude needs to go back to emotionally/visually tuning up comedies about smalltown british losers (he's very good at it!) and stop pretending he's on the level of the filmmakers he admires as a cinephile.

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