Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

A manifesto on how you and your friends (with the help of some instruments, a couple of lights, a few cameras and platforms, a cartoonishly oversized suit and a standard house lamp) can see the face of god. Opens with an anxious man alone in what looks like an abandoned factory hitting play on a tape and within the span of a few songs you are watching a transcendent celebration of pure music and art and collaboration where everyone and everything in its vicinity is possessed by the experimental punk and funk and art rock sounds for 80 minutes including the camera. Byrne's body movements and vocal performance, Demme's intense close-ups and stylized lighting, the raw, off-kilter sounds and organic moments between the band members. I can't believe this was captured on film, and that I hadn't seen it yet. I will be watching this a million more times.

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