TÁR ★★★★

I can't believe the only thing any of you seem to want to talk about is the Juilliard scene when this has possibly the funniest ending i've ever seen to a movie that otherwise presents itself as having loftier, more pretentious ambitions. Was totally blindsided by it because I was sold a very different movie. Can't wait to watch all that early ambiguity and mystery about public image vs. private abuse/transgression, about power, ego, art, industry, etc again knowing that this is meant to be funny and that that is what Field ultimately has in mind for her spectacled “obliteration” in the face of an all-seeing God. Just brutal lol. I also love that it sets it up only to deny us (and her) the transcendent One Last Show you would expect and have seen worse filmmakers indulge in, and that might have accidentally through the emotional catharsis of the work itself implied her genius is somehow worth the cost. Instead choosing to stick with its slow and upsetting disruption and unraveling of routine/space right up to the very end, and hitting far more interesting notes of pathetic dissatisfaction. Good movie. "How cruel of you to define our relationship as transactional."

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