The Counselor

The Counselor ★★★★

"we will not be diminished by the brevity of our lives."
"when you cease to exist, the world that you have created will also cease to exist."

i've never truly bought into mccarthy's mercilessly cruel & fatalistic worldview, but something about the aggressively masculine, contradictory & primal existentialism he wanders here, as unsubtle as it is, is deeply fascinating to me. and accompanied by some of ridley scott's most vivid, richly detailed mise-en-scène & a lavish surface sense style that can explode with grotesquerie when required, capturing the way money is used as a bad paint job on a world that more closely resembles a garbage dump filled with corpses. it's like an evil little cousin to No Country for Old Men, just a farcical simple-crime-goes-wrong that ridley depicts in all lavish surfaces of people who because of their money think they aren't connected to the ugly things people do for it, and then having those ugly things actually done back to them in horrifying detail. the ruthless vulgarity and pre-determined horror of it ("it's all shit... it's all shit.") just resonates viscerally for me, i could probably watch it on repeat, which idk what that says about me. each viewing i find myself latching onto something new & this time i found myself captivated by all the sequences of process... the casual, mundane ways areas are covered with filth & then quickly cleaned up, the minute, tangible measuring of an eventual decapitation -- even after all the horrific fates were met (that bolito scene still sends shivers up my spine) my thoughts this time remained on that corpse in the barrel, destined to ride around in the back of a septic truck, sucking up shit until the end of time. "welcome to america, huh?"

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