The Menu

The Menu ★★

kinda like the broad concept of a foodie most dangerous game but can't really say this worked much for me. as a satire it's pretty limp, obvious stuff (was not shocked to learn this was blacklist script that's only made to work in spurts because mylod is pretty skilled with maneuvering an ensemble of interlocking actors) and as a thriller it's basically nonexistent. the situation conceived screams playful, visual genre experimentation yet somehow it really doesn't build very much mood or suspense out of it, which is why i'm gonna need some on-set photographic evidence of peter deming shooting this before i'll believe it. the service-worker revenge angle is admirable and definitely leads to a few of the more interesting character dynamics but it could have stood to be a lot nastier/more cathartically violent in that regard. i don't think it's technically true by the very end but because of how they're doled out it feels like you actually see more of the cooking assistants get murked on screen than the rich people. pretty good-looking cheeseburger, though.

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