Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

still very much a marvel movie, sadly. anti-imperialist slant of the plotting is a nice idea but waititi mostly fumbles it, the exposition is dire and how its emotionally related to the familial drama more than a little misguided―that this ends with someone heroically accepting a throne when we've just witnessed how inherently evil thrones are is kind of baffling. that being said this is the closest marvel will ever come to camp and, look, i can't not support that. waititi's sense for the rhythm and visual sophistication of comedy does wonders, this, at its best, playing like 80s scifi fantasy trash like Flash Gordon or Krull but by a guy whose spent his life devouring Abbott and Costello and Looney Tunes. the opening scene is a cinematic Metallica t-shirt, and at one point a dreadlocked idris elba wields a cartoonishly large broadsword in a leather sleeveless. so like. yeah. sure. ok.

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