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  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    “Spring break, spring break, spring break forever,” whispers James Franco’s Alien at one interval in the aptly dubbed SPRING BREAKERS, the previous film concocted by the mind of writer-director Harmony Korine. Alien embodied every parent’s exaggerated fear of a bad influence on their perspective teenage daughter. If only Alien had focused less on the drug-dealing and gun-running and more on his rap career, then maybe he could have achieved the lifestyle of Matthew McConaughey’s Moondog, the impassive protagonist at the…

  • Deliverance



    A reminder that some of the most horrifying films are not actually horror films. The brilliance of DELIVERANCE is found in the patience of its setup, the realistic performances and naturalist filmmaking. Three city slickers are pressured by their adrenaline junkie of a friend to canoe down a river before it’s gone. The weekend getaway begins as an opportunity to prove their brawn before descending into primal possibilities.

    After two distinct encounters with “the locals”—first, a bond over music; second,…

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  • Hands of Bresson

    Hands of Bresson


    “The things one can express with the hands...” - Robert Bresson

    Young hands. Old hands. Clean hands. Dirty hands. Free hands. Imprisoned hands. Steady hands. Shaky hands. The hands of an alcoholic. The hands of a pickpocket. Black and white hands. Hands in color.

    You can learn a lot about a filmmaker's body of work by focusing on one part of the body. Video essayist Kogonada artfully isolates the hands at work in the films of French auteur Robert Bresson.…

  • Creepy



    "Who's more charming? Your husband, or me?" - Nishino

    A former detective gets wrapped up in an unsolved case while his wife is perturbed by an off-putting neighbor in this not-so-mysterious mystery. The first act is absorbing enough as coincidence and possibility hang in balance. Unfortunately, a rolodex of fools become the biggest threat to this dwindling chronicle. Kurosawa continues to show great skill in blocking and long-takes to keep the viewer attentive; if only the script received this level of consideration. CREEPY finds occasion to live up to its name, but it could just as easily be titled CLUNKY.