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  • Tropical Malady
  • Throw Down
  • The American Friend
  • Go Go Tales

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  • Suicide by Sunlight

  • Flowers

  • African Booty Scratcher

  • Tomboy

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread

    women be like whatever you do, do it carefully then poison you. i love them so much.

  • Alice in the Cities

    Alice in the Cities

    Trying to return back to the place you felt most loved is futile the best you can do is look forward to new images, new experiences, and new connections. The final moments of this movie will forever mean so much to me.

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  • Suicide by Sunlight

    Suicide by Sunlight

    So good that I wish it was a feature but I also love how it says so much in so little time. This is honestly very impressive especially visually its a huge jump up from the other shorts, knowing that I get to watch a feature from her next is very exciting. Glad I decided to dive into her shorts randomly today. Im so interested in her vision of blackness especially black womanhood on screen.

  • Say Grace Before Drowning

    Say Grace Before Drowning

    Being great when it comes to endings is to me the mark of a truly great filmmaker and it’s starting to seem like Nikyatu Jusu had it verrry early.

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  • Girlhood


    Features what is already one of my favorite movie moments ever and its all tuned to a Rihanna song, nearly made me weep because of how joyful it is. Those moments of joy is what makes this different than similar movies, it allows for characters who are struggling to experience real joy to experience moments in time where they know what happiness feels like. This movie is so so beautiful so heartbreaking and life affirming all at once. Assa Sylla…

  • Nope


    Easily the best peele to me. A cowboys vs aliens movie riffing on man’s relationship with nature, the ongoing film vs digital debate, the below the line craftsmen that make these spectacles we go see on the big screen possible, and more. I really didn’t expect peele to take the keys from 70s spielberg & early 2000s m night with this one but he did and when this is good its pretty glorious. I still don’t love peeles humor especially the…