Life Is Beautiful ★★★★½

”I sing what I see. 
Nothing gets by me
"Here I am,” said I to chaos.
"I am your slave!" And he: "Good."
"For what?" said I.
Free in the end, I am! 
What good is a caress when bliss...this man came to possess?
Here I am, ready.
The trains are gone, the brakes are gone.
And I can resist no more. 
Go, sweet Bacchus, take me.”

It’s so beautiful, so heartwarming and then heartbreaking. It’s everything, it’s life. I can’t even review it, it’s so much, it’s too much. I think what’s so shocking about it is the tonal shifts. Because that’s life, you have to find the fun and beauty in everything. Life is beautiful.

If you speak my name, I vanish. What am I?

This review is horrible and I find my favorite films usually the hardest to review. I’ll write something half-decent on rewatch.

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