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  • Midnight Call

    Midnight Call

    I made this, not really much to say about this one either except that the plot synopsis, title, and tagline are all a bunch of random junk I typed up real quick just so I could submit it to TMDb knowing that it would get deleted in a few days anyway.
    Provided below are two links to watch the short film in question.

  • A Bicycle Ride In A Walmart

    A Bicycle Ride In A Walmart

    I made this, not really much to say about it except that you can interpret it however you want to.
    Provided below are two links to watch the short “film” in question.

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  • Click



    A very sobering film, brought me to tears and tugged on my heartstrings in all sorts of ways I was not expecting. Certainly not the carefree romp I remember watching as a happy little boy. Made me realize just how good I got it right now, I’m young and have my whole life ahead of me so I might as well enjoy it and live in the moment instead of trying to go and put my mind on autopilot and…

  • The Last Movie

    The Last Movie


    you mean nolan is garbage,only a idiot like you would agree to this list any movie love disagrees p.s i have watched 500+ movies in my life and Nolan movies are in the top 20,and there’s just no way in hell the social network is the best movie of the century. p.s quentin tarantino one of our greatest directors agrees nolan is legandary and he knows more about movies than you. IDIOT. you probably hate on nolan cuz he is modern lol ok boomer

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  • Joker



    It’s a miracle this even got made and released to such a wide audience, easily the most important film to come out of such a nightmarish hellscape that is contemporary Hollywood in a long time. A thorough critique on the corrupt mainstream media creating and pushing false narratives to spread their political agenda and taking quick but precise jabs at woke culture and the effects it has had on modern day society as a whole. The film has no fear…

  • Parasite