Hustle ★★★★

They can't kill you if you're already dead.

I already said most of what I wanted to say in my first review so I'm gonna keep this short. Had to give Hustle a rewatch with all the NBA free agency stuff going on right now. Happy to report it held up just as well the second time. Infact, I actually thought it was funnier the second time around. I also went and forced Mom to watch it, and she liked it too. The Sandman is phenomenal here. I think this is my favorite role from him (even though Punch Drunk Love is still my favorite movie he's done). If you're a sucker for basketball like me, there's basically no way you won't like this. Even if you're not, there is still a lot to enjoy here. It's the best sports movie to come out in a long long time. A must watch!

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