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  • Baby Driver
  • V for Vendetta
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • No Country for Old Men

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  • Godzilla Minus One

  • She's the Man

  • Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder

  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

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  • The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

    The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes


    It cannot be overstated what a sublime pleasure it is to go see a polished cross-demo-appealing blockbuster with such inherent bleakness at its core.

    Heading into a theater to see this unlikely creation felt appropriately fitting following the Hunger renaissance of March 2023, one which I myself enthusiastically partcipated in. Unlike with the previous films, I went into this feature with no prior knowledge from its source material. That made for an exciting viewing experience with at least three genuine…

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    Five Nights at Freddy's


    β€”πŸ§©πŸ— Spooky Season 2023 #60 πŸ—πŸ§©β€”

    It's borderline impossible for me to not like the incredible work of the Jim Henson Company and the gigantic puppets they created for this film are easily THE reason to watch it. But as for the movie itself...Willy's Wonderland is a much funner andβ€”I've never played the games this is based on so feel free to tell me I'm wrongβ€”a possibly more faithful adaptation. I love Josh Hutcherson so I'm glad he stars in…

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  • Godzilla Minus One

    Godzilla Minus One

    This might possibly be the best Godzilla film ever made.

    I've been watching the giant lizard's stories since I was a baby and I've loved a fair share of them. In fact, every time one’s playing in theaters, you can count on my being there. So when I say that this one is really something special…trust that I mean it.Β 

    The emotional scale of this monumentally satisfying epic's humanity paired with the jaw-dropping, pulse-pounding awe of its singularly iconic kaiju…

  • She's the Man

    She's the Man

    My friends and I saw this in theaters and then rewatched it again and again on DVD at each other's houses, relentlessly quoting Amanda Bynes's many iconic line deliveries at each other until we lost our minds. It was lovely to see queen Bynes and this peak 2000s jem again. I will never stop rooting for her and hope against hope that she'll be back on our screens someday.

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  • Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

    Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin


    You've heard of Midsommar...

    Now get ready for Sommar of Mid

  • Vampires vs. the Bronx

    Vampires vs. the Bronx


    Wholesome Latino and Black representation in a horror film. We love to see it!

    Vampires vs. the Bronx is much more than the latest Netflix flavor of the week. In it's modest way, this mainstream-friendly vamp-hunting jaunt is a big deal, not only because it is led by a trio of adorable kids who happen to be people of color, but because it also manages to imbue a dusty genre mainstay with a vitally urgent message that is very much…