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  • #Alive



    Going off of the selfie stick poster, I fully went into this expecting TikTokers vs. the Undead. Even though I was a bit letdown by the lack of Loren Grey pulverizing zombie skulls in sync with Lady Gaga's "Free Woman", like a good TikTok channel, this definitely kept me watching.

    Yoo Ah-in (who I, like many of you loved in Burning) is deceptively good at channeling the very millennial anxiety that makes this stand out from a sea of zombie…

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    I'm angry.

    I know it's more than a little ridiculous to be angry about a fart joke delivery system like this but, you know what? I am. Hubie Halloween is the latest in a series of lowest common denominator lazy efforts from so-called "comedians" who feed off of the lowbrow, indiscernible sensibilities of perpetually acquiescing people who don't know better. And that sucks.

    Time is precious. We know that now more than ever. At the very least, when we sit…

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  • The Witches

    The Witches


    Yes, the original adaptation of Roald Dahl's iconic Witches is a bonafide classic. But if you think campy Anne Hathaway wouldn't be enough to successfully court me, you'd be very, very wrong.

    Hathaway chews scenery in this decidedly lighter take like she's been craving it as long as her wicked character has been buying ostentatious wigs. And it's a blast to behold. Her delicious work and especially Octavia Spencer's MVP picture-of-warmth performance make this unfortunately CGI-heavy remake worth checking out.…

  • Love and Monsters

    Love and Monsters


    Dylan O'Brien? More like Dylan O'My-God-I-Didn't-Realize-How-Much-I-Needed-You-During-This-Pandemic-ien

    Hope and optimism are in short supply these days and when someone embodies them as saliently as the ever-lovable lead of Love and Monsters does, it's akin to finding treasure buried in your yard. Okay, maybe it's not exactly like that but when you're constantly bombarded by bleak societal forecasts courtesy of all too real monsters (whether they be spray-tanned or pathogenic), bright, mood-boosting actors like O'Brien in bright, mood-boosting movies like this are…