A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

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Wielding one of the most inherently terrifying concepts in horror film history, Wes Craven's iconic exercise in "no escape" terror remains a terrific landmark for the genre. Boasting a cast of insanely good-looking characters (including then-newcomer Johnny Depp!), Elm Street oozes the kind of magic that you rarely feel when watching modern horror movies. It's dirty, it's lean, and it's exactly the kind of thing Halloween calls for. Finally watching this from start to finish was an ideal way to celebrate the holiday.

P.S. Imagine watching this in a theater in 1984 and being thankful that mundane reality was just beyond your screening room's doors. Imagine not living the scariest nightmare of all.
P.P.S. Dream Warriors still holds the title of the best in the series for me.

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