Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★½

"Magic...the darkest magic. My soul swims in it...Scattered across time, trapped in the world of formlessness.."

There are few movies that feel as 80s as Big Trouble in Little China or as I want to call it: Big Little China (hurry up with season 2, HBO!). It's bombastic, macho entertainment with a mystical spin and amazing costumes and set design to match. Kurt Russell clearly had the time of his life making this movie and it's infectious.

I'm all about James Hong's performance in this though. He makes the movie. His scene-chewing here is legendary and every time he's on screen, he's magnetic. This is also a great reminder that, Samantha Jones, I mean, Kim Catrall deserves more work.

A lot of it hasn't aged well and it's overflowing with cheese (I could never imagine someone like Jack Burton existing in real life unless they had a screw loose) but it's never less than fun and I wish we still got kooky movies like this. Oh, and Carpenter's score is killer.

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