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Frances Ha ★★★

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As zany as she can be, I found the titular Frances to be uncomfortably relatable. Through her, Noah Baumbach undoubtedly succeeds in capturing the uncertainty of life as a 20-something. His ode to New York hipsters is rife with painfully accurate insights into the minds of his impetuous characters, most of which are well-practiced in the art of deluding themselves.

Of course, none of these characters is as perpetually clueless as Frances. Greta Gerwig may be getting deserved attention for her directing work but I hope that this doesn't mean she'll stay behind the camera. Her radiant talent is on full display through Frances's ups and downs, just as it is in 20th Century Women, a film I enjoyed enormously.

The black and white cinematography Baumbach went with adds some welcome visual texture to a story that, on the surface, has seemingly been told countless times. It's full of quirky dialogue that is often awkwardly uttered and it feels like it was edited by someone on a deadline working under a time limit. There is an excellent film with intriguing ideas somewhere in all of it but I'm content with the one we got.

Somehow, it mostly works. I only wish this were as punchy, laugh-out-loud, and incisive as it deserves to be. As it is, it's an amusing flick despite the lack of hearty guffaws and one that will effortlessly resonate with anyone who has gone through or is currently in the midst of figuring out how to be a fully-functioning modern adult.

P.S. Adam Driver looks so good in this and leaves an impression even with a smaller role.
P.P.S. I'm pretty sure this has been on my Netflix queue since I first subscribed years ago.

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