Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★★

“I don't just want everything you have. I want you not to have it!”

Nothing makes sense anymore. That much is true to me after experiencing and—oh, boy—really enjoying Pain & Gain, Michael Bay's sordid lowbrow magnum opus. Bay, the perpetually impulsive 12-year-old trapped in a grown director's body, somehow found the perfect story with which to marry his baser inclinations. Through offering up his ultra-macho aesthetic and bombastic trademarks in service of a yarn that incredibly merits them, Bay and his well-cast players rain hell on a sun-kissed 90s Miami. What results is a chaotic encapsulation of rage that bathes in hyperbole to condemn the soulless pit at the center of the so-called "American Dream." In addition to being a damning work, it's also a relentlessly funny one, eliciting more guilty laughter than most true crime flicks I've come across in recent memory. That Bay is able to deliver what amounts to a vagarious meathead epic with resonance while doing so with a semblance of finesse and more focus than most of his other films, is almost too wild to believe. It's thematically ugly, offensive, and bordering on tasteless...and its one hell of a 'roided up ride that I couldn't look away from.

P.S. Whenever Ed Harris, one of my favorite actors, blesses a project with his gifts, I can't help but just feel so happy tbh.
P.P.S. Speaking of the cast, this has some pretty memorable performances (The Rock and Tony Shaloub stand out the most for me).

Scavenger Hunt 63 #14 out of 30 - Watch a movie filmed or set in Florida.

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