Paprika ★★★

Scavenger Hunt 52 - #19 - An animated foreign film.

"She really is the woman of my dreams."

Paprika had been on my to-watch list for many years. It's a film that appealed to me based on both its story and its lush animation style.

While I didn't end up loving it, I certainly appreciated its ambitious aims and imaginative chaos. It's a film that, to me, feels like more of a sensory exercise than a fully-formed and nuanced tale.

The film is often--very possibly by design--awash in brainy exposition even as it already overflows with unabashedly nonsensical dream-based mania. A lot of this movie just comes across as an excuse to give you bizarre visuals and it frankly succeeds in that regard. Unfortunately, the lack of substance behind Paprika's superfluous style made this one lose steam as it went along for me.

Just because I didn't particularly connect with it, it doesn't mean I won't be seeking out Satoshi Kon's other works. In fact, I'm eager to see what else the late gifted filmmaker has to offer.

P.S. I watched this feeling pretty sleepy after a long day and man, that really made this feel even trippier than it already does (I don't recommend it).

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