The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Written with poisoned ink and carrying a bleaker outlook than any sunny Tom Holland Spider pic could hope to defeat, Antonio Campos's film is an unwieldy Southern epic that frankly surprised me. The cruel lengths this nihilistic film goes to range from disturbing to utterly upsetting. If all of it being memorable was Campos's main objective, he excelled at it. Strong performances abound and to the cast's credit, the many character threads that comprise this quilt of misery each make an impression despite there just being too much going on for the film to satisfyingly probe each them. I found all of it compelling despite it feeling like it might have been more robust in a longer format and despite being ironically preachy with its "abandon all hope ye who live on this Earth" messaging.

P.S. Donald Ray Pollock (who wrote the source material for this) must have listened to 'West Virginia' by John Denver and thought, "oh, that's not right. Hold my beer."

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