A Ghost Story ★★★★

Road to My End of the Decade List - Movie #7

Stunning. Small in its intimacy yet epic in its scope. Simple in its story yet utterly complex in its layered themes. Quiet, slow, and contemplative in nature yet wholly compelling and energetic in its own way. It's universal yet personal. It meanders but never wastes a single moment. A film about brief moments yet about eternity, about the scope of a single life yet simultaneously about every life. I loved Rooney Mara's performance (this is some of her finest work in my opinion). I loved the long takes. I loved the 1.33:1 aspect ratio. I loved the music. I loved the structure, the editing, the imagery. I pretty much loved it all. For some reason, it felt a lot to me like a mixture of Tree of Life, Interstellar, and It's Such a Beautiful Day, and it's certainly a worthy successor to all three of those masterpieces, proving to be thought-provoking, emotionally evocative, and beautifully executed.

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