Captain Marvel ★★★½

I went in pretty skeptical, and it started with a pretty boring CGI space battle. But then I got a pretty interesting sequence of flashbacks, and then I remembered that it's based in the '90s. And the moment I saw a Blockbuster Video and a Radio Shack in the same scene, I was sold. Brie Larson and Sam Jackson have undeniably great chemistry and the banter was surprisingly great as well. Yes, it falls victim to many clichés, lacked any distinct directorial vision, and had, for the most part, predictably dull visuals, but I'll be damned if I didn't have a great time. Its discussion of female empowerment, identity, and emotion was expected, but far more nuanced and subtle than I had anticipated. The final battle was very satisfyingly controlled, contained, and ultimately effective. And there were a couple of moments of legitimately smart editing and dynamic camerawork. Yes, it most definitely has its shortcomings, but I always forget how rousing and empowering the experience of watching an MCU film in theaters is, and, by those standards, this one sure as hell delivered the goods.

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