Midsommar ★★★★

Alright, cool. So I've had some time to think about this one, thankfully, and, yeah, I really loved it. It wasn't really scary at all, and it was a lot funnier at moments than most would expect, but I really think it succeeds at what it's going for. Namely, it was quite disturbing and created a really interesting tone. I pretty much loved, or at least liked, almost everything about it. I found the characters compelling, the concept really interesting, the way the film unfolds was pretty well-done, and all the visuals were really striking in my opinion (I loved the long takes in this thing). I guess I do have gripes in that I would've made changes if I'd made the film and that I wish certain aspects of the characters played into the plot more. I can't say a lot without spoiling anything, but there's some fantastic tone-setting, character work, and disturbing imagery. And if anyone's wondering, I definitely prefer Hereditary, but I loved this one a lot too. Definitely one of the better films of 2019 in my opinion.

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