Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

My second watch.
Rating this by the same metric as something like Minari or Nomadland is wildly reductive because those are much fuller, more profound films, but there's just something so enticing about this one. Seeing that cut to black and then the title pop up to "It's Raining Men" is maybe the most electrifying moment in any 2020 movie I saw (especially seeing it on the big screen a couple days ago), and there are so many scenes that reach that level of greatness. I don't necessarily find it quite as thrilling or shocking for me as it probably intends to be, and I still think that it's a bit too on-the-nose and hot-buttony for my taste, but even so, it does so in a way that fits the tone (think about Joker in contrast - the lack of subtlety there doesn't gel with the classically dark aesthetic at all) and it ends up being such a complete experience. Plus I feel like it makes some really smart and interesting distinctions between overcoming trauma, forgetting, and forgiving, not to mention its portrayals of rhetoric and guilt (or lack thereof). Also, on an aesthetic level, what with these colors and this soundtrack, this movie is doing cartwheels around almost every other movie this year. I love it.

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