Ran ★★★★★

An elderly man whose only option is to retreat into madness and regret. His son, who, though misunderstood, wishes to protect his father. The elder two sons, who wish only to take power over all of their father's land. A jester who can no longer joke after years of taking care of the elderly man. A woman whose ambition matches only that of her cruel brother-in-law. These are the central figures of one of the greatest pieces of art ever conceived. Directed by the legendary Akira Kurosawa, this is one of his crowning achievements, and his very best in terms of visuals. Every shot is beautiful and every scene is expertly crafted. Each character feels real and interesting, and the dialogue they speak is absolute brilliance. This film has the best of the best in every sense: excellent and somewhat haunting music, breathtaking cinematography, perfect direction, writing, and acting, and epic battle sequences. I was very worried that I might be disappointed by this film, as my expectations were through the roof, but it did not let me down. Every single aspect of it, even those I was at first speculative of, were perfect. Sometimes, it is difficult to fathom that humanity can bring to light such beauty. Also, I cried at the end (well, my eyes teared up).

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