The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Woah! That was insanity! Jodorowsky is one of the masters, for sure. For the majority of the runtime, I wasn't sure if I prefered this to El Topo. There is more to love in this film, but there was also more that didn't quite work for me, including the modern pop aesthetic that appears occasionally throughout the film. I thought the first hour was nearly flawless, but the second half lost me at parts. That being said, two things convinced me that The Holy Mountain is Jodorowsky's masterpiece. Firstly, the visuals are indescribably, profoundly, and stunningly beautiful. Secondly, that ending came out of no where, even in a film that subverted expectations for the entire runtime. I absolutely loved the end and how it really served the statement Jodorowsky was making with this film. A work of almost completely unrivaled creative genius, The Holy Mountain is a spiritual, beautiful, confounding, and profound exploration into humanity and its reality.

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