Us ★★★★

Holy shit! That was such an awesome experience! Jordan Peele, you fucking genius, thank you so damn much! I'm trying to get my thoughts together to create a good review, but everything in the movie is all mixed up in my head and I love it. I went with a friend and we're both trying to dissect everything we remember. I definitely understand a lot of what this movie is going for in terms of its commentary, but there's still more to delve into. The concept is brilliant. The execution is brilliant. It's terrifying, it's riveting, it's smart, it's funny, it's complex and thought-provoking, it's a brilliant commentary on American society, and it's exquisitely shot and edited. I loved every second. Not as good as Get Out, but still a damn fine horror film. Also, I just wanna say, Lupita is a powerhouse in this movie and the music is absolutely brilliant! Please check it out!

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