Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

Sunset Boulevard really gave me major Twilight Zone vibes for some reason, which is a great thing, because The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite shows ever. And throughout most of the film, I was thinking in my mind that it's worthy of 4-stars and nothing more, but when the ending came around, I knew that Sunset Boulevard needed a higher rating than I had planned on giving it. It's honestly been a long while since I've felt totally unnerved and unsettled by a movie's final scene. I didn't think this film was going to be creepy, but representations of insanity and sheer lunacy are always quite moving and memorable. Gloria Swanson's immaculate performance as Norma Desmond is reminiscent of Jack Torrance from The Shining; utter mania and a lack of composure, as well as mental/emotional instability flowing through her veins, building up to a chilling climax. Sunset Boulevard begins where it ends, and it features outstanding narration by one of our lead characters, Joe Gillis.

This film portrays the ridiculousness of obsession with fame, self-entitlement, and narcissism among celebrities. And along with that, there are depictions of the reality of the film industry and the ever-changing progression of Hollywood movies. Sunset Boulevard is a spectacular film by Billy Wilder and I am positive that it will become a movie that may be impossible for me to shake off from my mind for at least a few weeks to come.

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