Barbie ★★★★★

Please, you can call me mother.”

I’ve been going back and forth on how I wanted to go on about this. And maybe it’s still not right! But that’s okay, just..bear with me.

From the girlhood to womanhood pipeline; almost like the step by step guide to getting to the real world and then back to Barbieland (if you really think about it) — is to go from experiencing those whimsical joys as a child to growing up in a world that’s practically built against you, having to fit into this contradictory mold that is always changing and evolving every day, unsure of what we were made for or who we’re performing this for, with no choice or say in the matter and guess what? it is so fucking terrifying! 

I haven’t stopped thinking about Barbie being shown the joys of life as glimpses of someone’s daughter, or mother, sister, aunt, and so on during her walk with Ruth. It’s something very special to me, a fact I will forever hold close is knowing the that those very clips shown are submissions from those that worked on this film and it just, ties together how much heart was made and put into this film about one of the most popular toys in history! And I think that’s just fucking phenomenal

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