It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two ★★★★½

“Now Bill, I need you to cry, and then I need you to splash each other, and then I need you to go back to your childhood. And then Bill, I need you to realize you cannot go back to your childhood. And then I need you to cry like you’ve never cried before.”

 id consider it a cry for help if i do not watch this film about adult losers banding together to bully a clown (and overcome their childhood trauma) at least once a year; the excerpt from this article released by Pop Dust back when this film first premiered is embedded on my brain forever now; and as always, I’m trying to fulfill a promise to myself I made at one of my lowest points years here we are!!

ANYWAY…if I were held at gunpoint and my only chance of survival was to say something negative about this movie……respectfully…that’s my emotional support heehoo funny horror clown movie…I’ll be taking the shot

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