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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

“These last few years...It’s almost like I can feel you holding your breath.” 

To make the long story short, I am bisexual. Or maybe I’ve already stated that in past reviews, I probably have. But I came to terms with my sexuality at the beginning of my senior year, only coming out to a very small group of my friends. As the year went on I came out to my mother in an impulsive act, and she accepted me. ..She was the only one in my family who knew at the time. She’s still learning, while  becoming more empathetic and understanding of it at the same time. 

Flash forward a year later, I’m still nineteen, I had come out publicly on my own terms to my friends and a small fracture of my family via social media. The fracture of that does not include my father under any circumstance. I have not, nor do I ever think I will be able to find the right time to tell him because I’m terrified of the backlash I’ll face in the aftermath (despite the distance); because I have seen what he’s done before. I have the everlying fear that my stepbrother knows about me being bi, and could further out me to my dad, without my prior knowledge. It is a reoccurring nightmare I think I will have for a very, long time.. 

Seeing Simon’s parents being nothing but supportive of him had me full on sobbing in the theater, I might’ve been the only person crying that hard. But it also gave a grave reminder that for me, it will always be a one-sided support system. But I’ve grown to accept it.

So when I tell you that Jennifer Garner’s quote hit me hard, i really fucking mean it. In this point in time; for me, and maybe for many others. It is very scarse to find a line that perfectly resonates what it feels like being closeted & how scared and isolated you feel. This covered that, in my opinion perfectly.

I’ll get to my next point; We deserve great love stories, we deserve representation in mainstream media, we deserve coming of age movies like this, we deserve more than what we’ve been given (which is very small to begin with); we deserve cheesy romantic comedies like this that don’t revolve around the default sexuality. 

I feel like this has been  another step forwards for us, getting the representation we’ve always deserved. And I hope to see more in the upcoming future. Please go see Love Simon, go support this in theaters—don’t wait til it leaks or to buy it on DVD. I understand that it’s not possible for everyone, but if you have the opportunity to—please go see it.

Alright, that’s enough from me. I apologize for any run on sentences because I know there’s some in here....but regardless, now you all know. Whoever took the time to actually read this, thank you. 

Love, Linly

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