Apollo 18 ★★★★

I really did expect to get very little out of this film. A Sci-Fi found footage flick, the idea of which gave me terrifying flashbacks to watching the abysmal 'Shockwave Darkside' last August.

I had no cause whatsoever to worry. For a start, Apollo 18 managed to use mainly static cameras, which took away the awful shaky cam bullshit which is all too familiar these days. It then took a solid, yet simple familiar tale and cast three half decent actors who weren't prone to too much hysterical shouting.

Finally, and most importantly, it made me feel a bit claustrophobic and edgy and included a collection of jump scares which actually made me jump. That's a rarity for me these days and so it's extremely welcome when it happens.

True, it isn't going to be something I watch very often. It wouldn't surprise me if it was years, if ever. That said, I had a good time with it.