Video Nasties: Draconian Days ★★★★★

Great sequel to the original video nasties doc which preceded it; this one covers 84 - 99, which includes the second half of James Ferman's reign at the BBFC and the campaign by David Alton to rid the world of horror films, in the wake of the Murder of James Bulger.

Many familiar faces offer wonderful insights into what was happening at the time, and there's some fascinating stories surrounding how Ferman had become rather power hungry and quite frankly at times, ridiculous whilst at the helm of the board of censors. (Although I've always agreed with him about The Exorcist)

The other two discs include an assessment and then the trailer for each of the films on the section 3 list - movies which may cause a problem, but would probably not be prosecuted if they went to court. I'm over two hours in to this alphabetical list, and I'm only up to the letter E!!!