Rumble Fish ★★★★½

I do love me some ultra-stylised filmmaking, and ‘Rumble Fish’ is all that and more. All of the smoke and fog, the time-lapse skies, the black and white photography (with a couple flashes of colour), the shadows … everything. I love it, and I love it is all being used to tell a nice little story of love, family relationships, and growing up. And although I was skeptical of Mickey Rourke, this is the best role I have seen him in by far (to be fair I've seen him in at most three things in major parts, but the point still stands).
It also has a great, great score by Stewart Copeland - one of the all time great drummers, with a very unique sound - and his work here has a nice heavy dose of percussion, as well as a great recurring clock/time motif that is always being reworked in various forms, constantly reminding me that life just keeps on ticking and speeding forward with no regard for anything or anyone.

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