Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Two A24 bangers in one week? We ATE…

Don’t know where to start. I don’t mean to sound dramatic or anything, but this was the most cathartic movie experience for me in a long time. It’s uplifting in a deeply cosmic way and it made meaning in my life for those two short hours in the dark theater. The whole multiverse plot device allows for so many absurd tangents and ridiculous subplots that I loved. It’s chaos, but if it didn’t go balls to the walls like it did it would defy the message. It was incredible watching this absolute cinematic flex full of inventive action scenes, a perfectly balanced myriad of storylines, and all-around amazing performances. Ke Huy Quan really made me cry out here, and Jamie Lee Curtis has officially been added to the dream blunt rotation. 

We always knew the follow up to Swiss Army Man was gonna be something creative and wildly existential if Daniels were ever gonna one-up themselves, but I think this was just the best possible outcome. I adore their knack for showcasing the uncomfortable aspects of life and morphing it into something poetic and special. I’m eagerly awaiting their next work. Extremely early contender for best of the year, but a strong one.

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