Lamb ★★★½

Lamb is just as unsettling as it is endearing, and it’s an effective slow burn that takes place in a landscape of near-permanent dusk, even if it admittedly takes a long while to even show signs of the horror genre. Was I a little confused as to what this movie’s about at first? Sure. While on the surface it appears like a pretty straightforward suspenseful art house film about an unusual family, I found myself questioning where things were headed at times. Why even classify this as horror, I initially thought. Is there an antagonist? A plot? Silly me.

Eventually, my questions were answered, or at least assuaged, as I learned they’re really telling a story about being a parent, and dealing with tragedy and grief, and the folk horror genre pairs pretty well with those themes for the unsettling atmosphere alone. It may not contain any real terror, but if you wanna stare at some gorgeous mountain shots, feel kinda sad, and then get a little spooked out for a few minutes, this is your movie. I really wouldn’t mind seeing more creative and genre non-conforming movies like this one being made. Keeps the audience on their toes.

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