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  • Day of Wrath
  • L'Argent
  • His Girl Friday
  • Good Morning

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  • Death Jump off the Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

  • Rocco and His Brothers


  • Boyfriends and Girlfriends


  • A Touch of Sin


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  • The Terence Davies Trilogy

    The Terence Davies Trilogy


    I. Children

    In a dark time in his life, struggling with his religious affiliations and working at a job he despised, Terence Davies poured his emotions into the written word, leading to his first script, Children. He tried selling the script but was turned down each time, until the BFI came along and said that they would produce the film if he directed it. At the time, Davies had no interest in directing, he wanted to be either a writer…

  • The Deep Blue Sea

    The Deep Blue Sea


    I've had a difficult time pinpointing a good word to describe the way Terence Davies films look. I've described the look as if looking at a moving photograph from a century ago or looking at the world through a freshly poured beer, but I want to narrow that description down, and I think I finally have. The cinema of Terence Davies is "dusty." May sound a bit vulgar, as we commonly hold a negative connotation to dust, but I think…

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  • Death Jump off the Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

    Death Jump off the Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

    Can’t believe it’s already been 111 years since we lost you king. Feels like only yesterday.

  • Rocco and His Brothers

    Rocco and His Brothers


    Probably underrating this on first watch because it didn’t fully connect with me until the last 30-45 minutes (it’s hard to track time in a three hour movie) but the editing on play there is incredible. The intercutting especially in the final moments of Ciro’s chapters is a textbook example of how to cut a film. Love the way the characters are written and their arcs are structured, and I love this earlier Delon performance where he’s not bogged down by…

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