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This review may contain spoilers.

There’s lots to dive into when it comes to the film’s exploration of identity, but for me the most interesting aspect about this film is its deconstruction of cinema. It creates a fourth dimensional view of cinema, taking the bare bone elements of film and testing what it can and cannot achieve. Not only does it achieve this in its bizarre montage editing, cross cutting between the film and film rolls, as well as silent shorts, but also in the narrative elements, what a film can and cannot have in it. The film includes imagery of erect penises and a discussion about an orgy on the beach, in vivid detail. Also, outside of sexual elements, the film shows the atrocities of Vietnam going on, questioning what can and cannot be shown, what is  perceived as morally right to show. A forever fascinating work and, though not my favorite Bergman, one that continues to boggle the mind.

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